poised for big growth. Join us! was launched just a few short months ago with one goal in mind- to create a easy cheap, safe spot for contractors to buy sell and trade small to medium scale dirt equipment.

So far I have been encouraged and pleased with the response I have gotten! Many are eager to get away from some of the mainstream online publications and markets and be able to promote their equipment worldwide for a tiny fraction of the cost.

So now as we go into 2020 I am asking for some help to keep up the good traction we have going. I am offering cheap dealer packages of ads designed to keep you advertised all year long on for just $600.

Basically my pitch is this: lets help each other. Support me by buying an ad package and let me continue to market and promote the site. Advertise your gear(anything related, but I am getting good results already for mini excavator related searches) for a whole year and see if I can get you a buyer.

One good buyer will make the $600 investment profitable!

So, what do you say? Give me a shot. Contact me for more info or just click through to post an ad and you will see the
“Dealer package promotion” at the bottom.

Check this out below! Just to show you where we are headed:

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